Roll is a die in a Tabletop Game "Paint it!".

One day, Roll fell off the table, into the realms of the fuzzy carpet dimension.

In order to climb its way out, Roll must roll (no pun intended) and paint its faces, which let him stick to surfaces of the same color.



AD to move. 


Arrow keys to rotate.


Space to jump

Shift to break free from sticking to a wall.

Created by:

Nir Zaid -

Igor Kheison -

Roman Kuzminsky -

Ofir Goldstein - 

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2022 Game Jam.


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Very fun game, I like the concept

This game is really good and I think it's funny how whatever falls in the carpet is never to be seen again but Roll is like "Nahhh I ain't letting' that happen" and he just floats back to the above to the carpet.

There is only 1 bad point: it ends

I agree

there need to be a color blind mode

Cool game! What's the background track? I like it.

The background track was composed for this game by our composer RetrOfir

You can check it out here on youtube:


Excellent game! All that's really wrong with it is that it needs more level :-) I found that the shift key to unstick feature didn't impact gameplay much; it was much easier to just never be all one color and control stickiness entirely by spinning. If you removed that mechanic, it could open the door for additional mild puzzle elements as you could force the cube to take a solid color (maybe passing through a waterfall of paint?) on entering a section and the player would have to contend with an inability to move without jumping until you give them a different colored paint puddle so they can get out of monochrome hell.

Thanks for the feedback! The waterfall idea did come to mind during development. But due to the strict time restriction of the game jam we didn't have enough time to develop.

I also like your idea of making the game more "puzzly" by removing the unstick mechanic.

nice game, i enjoyed it.

the bees / wasps are a bit too unpredictable.
in the description you said "no pun intended" when the theme of the jam is literally "roll of the dice".

good job love the game!:)

Loved it, great puzzle design and gameplay! The art and music was also lovely. The only negative is probably the controls which could be a bit fiddly at times!

Nice fun game ! 
great details and levels ! 
Nailed those controllers.

Nice one! Had fun :-) ty The shift key is a bit off for me - hard to reach - S would’ve been a good choice